• Prodigious arm strength: As a member of the Gusu Lan Sect, Lan Wangji is noted for his prodigious arm strength trained from doing handstands. At 15-16 years old, he can already haul up a fellow student by the collar with one arm.[1] At the height of his adult strength he can lift with one (left, non-dominant) hand a wood coffin, two adult male corpses inside the coffin, a large Guanyin statue of solid rock atop the coffin, and Wei Wuxian atop the statue altogether.[2]
  • High level of cultivation: Lan Wangji is reputed as a talented cultivator within his generation, the second-best (male) cultivator of his generation in all of China's cultivation community.
  • Lan-clan swordsmanship
  • Specific techniques:
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