Nie Mingjue (聂明玦, Niè Míngjué) was a former leader of the Qinghe Nie Sect and the older half-brother and predecessor of Nie Huaisang.


Nie Mingjue wears the standard colours of black of his sect.


Nie Mingjue's personality is defined by three things: strictness, bad temper and an intolerance for anything deviating from the moral good. While this attitude won him acclaim and a reputation to match his martial might, the post-Sunshot Campaign shift in power towards the Lanling Jin Sect also marked him as a great opposition to their power, especially in the eyes of Jin Guangshan.

Furthermore, as the trademark cultivation of his sect affected his temper, his intolerance grew to the point where he could not accept that two of his subordinates were killed by Jin Guangyao, then Meng Yao, when they were captured with him and brought before Wen Ruohan in Nightless City. This was despite Meng Yao pointing out that Nie Mingjue himself would have died if they did not, since all three had offended Wen Ruohan.


Young Inheritance of the Nie Sect

After the sudden death of his father at the hands of Wen Ruohan, Nine Mingjue became the chief of the Qinghe Nie Sect.

Meng Yao

A Night in Langya

Vs Wen Ruohan

The Venerated Triad

The Chang Clan Massacre

Soul-Messing Song and Death

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Dismembered and Scattered under the Heavens

Mo Family Village

Man-Eating Castle


Yi City


Fangfei Hall

Yunping: Guanyin Temple Incident



Nie Huaisang

The Chinese say that "the older brother is like a father"; this saying exemplifies the strictness Nie Mingjue expected from Nie Huaisang. It can be said that much of Nie Huaisang's life - from the decision to study in Gusu to the ownership of paintings and books and fans - was defined both by fear of Nie Mingjue, and the determination not to follow in his brother's footsteps in the cultivation style of the Qinghe Nie Sect.

Lan Xichen

As fellow cultivators from famous families, he has a friendly enough relationship with Lan Xichen to the point of being willing to swear brotherhood with him and Jin Guangyao.

Jin Guangyao

Nie Mingjue's relationship with Jin Guangyao forms one of the central plot lines of the novel. From mild respect transforming to hatred and then a willingness to supervise Jin Guangyao to prevent the latter from advancing down a "wrong" path, their relationship transforms - from secretary and chief, to sworn brothers, and then slowly to enemies. Jin Guangyao's caution in killing Nie Mingjue with the slow-acting Soul-Messing Song marks the caution which defines how Jin Guangyao treat Nie Mingjue, and the subsequent dismemberment and scattering of Nie Mingjue's body parts across the land yet keeping the head is indicative of a form of hate, since Nie Mingjue had once sworn to dismember Jin Guangyao at their oath ceremony.

Abilities & Weapons


  • At 191 cm he is the tallest character in the whole novel.[1]
  • He is the strongest walking corpse in the series, outranking even Wen Ning. However, since Wen Ning maintains his own consciousness, there is nothing special besides overwhelming strength which defines the walking corpse made from Nie Mingjue.
  • Fan pairings involve NieYao (Nie Mingjue x Jin Guangyao), NieLan (Nie MIngjue x Lan Xichen), ShuangNie (Nie Mingjue x Nie Huaisang).
    • Where the XiCheng (Lan Xichen x Jiang Cheng) pairing does not exist in fic, a common trope is the Venerated Triad love triangle (Lan Xichen x Jin Guangyao vs Nie Mingjue x Jin Guangyao), and typically involves Nie Mingjue being secretly jealous of Lan Xichen (because Jin Guangyao reserves all the positive attention for Lan Xichen).


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