Wen Ning (温宁, Wēn Níng), courtesy name Qionglin (温琼林, Qiónglín), was a member of the Qishan Wen Sect when alive and became the first fierce corpse to retain his sense of self. Known as the Ghost General (鬼将军, Guǐ jiāngjūn), he served as Wei Wuxian's righthand man.


When he was alive, Wen Ning had brown hair and blue eyes. He wore the Qishan Wen's robes.

As a fierce corpse, Wen Ning is said to be pale and delicate with a melancholy air. Like all fierce corpses, Wen Ning's eyes lack pupils and has cracked black lines that extend from his neck to his face. His clothes at the start of the story are tattered at the hems and sleeves. Black chains trail from handcuffs around his wrists and ankles.[1] Two black pins were also driven into his head by Xue Yang;[2] these were later removed.[3]


In life, Wen Ning suffered from a stutter and was shy and nervous. This probably contributed to his strength and lack of restraint in death, as Wei Wuxian hypothesised that death brought about a personality flip in walking corpses which could retain their sense of self.

In death, he still retains his nervousness when talking to Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji; the former due to the death of Jiang Yanli, and the latter out of guilt from killing disciples of the Gusu Lan Sect by accident in the past.


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Meeting Wei WuXian

Wen Ning first met Wei Wuxian during the Discussion Conference at Qishan when he was practicing archery[4]/ He was surprised when Wei Wuxian gave him a cheer and ran away whilst Wei Wuxian praised his archery skills.

Later, before the start of the archery competition, Wen Ning volunteered to participate as a representative of the Wen Sect but was scorned by his peers. He was asked to give a demonstration but missed the target due to his nervousness. Wei Wuxian caught him before he could run again and gave him advice for archery.

The Severed Golden Core

Sunshot Campaign

Death and Return

Incident of Qiongqi Way

Dafan Mountain

Wen Ning was supposedly burned to ashes before the siege of the Burial Mounds[1], but Wei Wuxian's flute was able to summon him to Dafan Mountain where he destroyed the soul-consuming goddess.

Being tossed around by a drunk Lan Wangji

The first time Lan Wangji was drunk, Wen Ning received a smack which sounded strong but didn't do much damage. It caused Wen Ning to wobble a bit but was soon standing upright again. Then he was also pushed to around 30 ft away from where Wei Wuxian was standing. Finally, when he was about to follow the pair who decided to return to their room, he was smacked again by Lan Wangji on the head. His head became even more lowered and even looked as if he had been wronged despite his stiff muscles.[5]

The second time Lan Wangji was drunk, Wen Ning was kicked on the shoulder and made a man-shaped dent after falling on the ground.[6]

Return to Consciousness

Second Siege of the Burial Mounds

The Host of Bloody Corpses - Remnants of the Qishan Wen Sect

Conversation with Jiang Cheng

Guanyin Temple Incident

Aftermath: Finding Family Again

Before they parted ways, Wen Ning told him you didn't asked me before... After the event is over what am i going to do??? I have discussed with Ayuan/Wen Yuan/Lan Sizhui. We will go to Lushan together and bury the ashes of my family... I want to find it there... to see if i can find something like remnants and give my sister a dress.. But Wei Wuxian told him The crown was smashed... I originally set up one for you and for her on the mass grave, but it was burned. After few talks After so many years, Wen Ning doesn't follow him all way he has his own desicion... Wei Wuxian have gusssed that he probably had something he wanted to do.. This is what he always hoped for. Everyone has variety of ways... But it was really the day watching the back of Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui Walking away, and disappeared, it made people feel a little sad... now it was Wei wuxian and Lan zhan alone together... Wei Wuxian said: Lan Zhan then Lan Zhan responded: Well... Wei Wuxian: "You taught him very well." Lan Zhan: "There are alot of opportunity to meet them again in the future."


Wen Qing

His older sister. Often scolded Wen Ning for his sheepish attitude. Wen Qing however loves him very much and desperately begged Yiling Patriach to save his brother when Wen Ning and the rest of the clan with him were captured by the LanLing Jin sect. Because of her, Wei Wuxian promised to bring back Wen Ning's consciousness after he resurrected him to be a fierce corpse.

Wei Wuxian

They met prior to the Sunshot Campaign once, where Wei Wuxian praised him for his archery. Later, they met again when Wei Wuxian went to save Jiang Cheng from the Qishan Wen Sect. Wen Ning helped him to save Jiang Cheng and led them to Burial Mounds. Wen Ning, Wen Qing, and others of the clan were later saved by Wei Wuxian. And then, Wen Ning promised to be his loyal servant.

Lan Wangji

Jiang Cheng

Lan Sizhui

Abilities & Weapons


  • Wen Ning was featured in a marketing picture for Qingming Festival.
  • Wen Ning was mentioned as very good at digging graves.[7]


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